Hi. My name is Karo and I am a Helsinki-based actor, coach in performance and communication skills, speaker and host.

I grew up in northern Finland in Oulu but moved around after gymnasium. I lived in Imatra where I studied marketing in University of applied science. In a meanwhile I joined to a improvisation theatre group. Improvisation was and still is my true passion in theatre techniques.


In 2000 I moved to Germany, Bonn where I worked one year as an theatre technician assistant. In 2001 I started theatre studies in Helsinki University of Applied Sciences. After graduating in 2005 I've been constantly working as an actor, producer and coach.  In 2019 I started my own company Chaos Creative.  

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Summer Theatre vlog 1/2019 | Mimmi Lehmä ja Varis

Greetings from Puotila´s open air theatre! Sorry.  In Finnish only.

Film shootings in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Just a great experience from Russian movie production Attraction 2 in Kaliningrad Otober 2018. Check out the first part of the movie and you know what's coming... ;)

Viiruu muuttaa in Puotila´s open air theatre

Check out the video form Puotila, Helsinki. Sorry, only in finnish. 

Viiru Muuttaa Vlog#1

Video vlog from open air theatre. Press photos...

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